EternityCraft is intended to be a fun, safe, and friendly environment for all players to enjoy. As such, we have a list of rules we expect all players to follow with no exceptions. By choosing to use the EternityCraft Minecraft Server, Website or Discord Server, you agree to follow all the rules listed below.

Network Rules

The following rules apply to the entire network

1. Cheating

1.1 Cheat Clients

Cheat Clients, macro keys, scripts or any other client-side modifications which give an advantage over other players are not allowed.

This rule does not apply to the following types of modifications

  • Optifine or other performance enhancing modifications
  • Armor and effect status HUD mods
  • Minimap mods unless they display more information than our dynmap (
  • Purely aesthetic mods or texture packs unless they provide x-ray (changing opacity of opaque blocks)
  • Litematica without the printer function
  • Performance enhancing clients such as Badlion or Lunar client.

1.2 Technical Errors and Server Exploits

Players must not take advantage of or exploit bugs or technical oversights. Players must instead report bugs and exploits in a support ticket on

1.3 Disrupting EternityCraft Services

Players must not intentionally cause lag or cause harm to Eternity's services. This includes but is not limited to

  • Creating lag machines
  • Using crash or lag exploits
  • Performing a denial of service attack

1.4 Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts are allowed on Eternity. However, players cannot use them for the following actions

  • Ban or Mute Evasion
  • Any gamemode specific rules

2 Player Behavior

We encourage players to cooperate and compete in a positive environment, but never in a way that disrespects or abuses other players. Players are expected to be respectful to all other players.

2.1 Player Communication

Players are expected to be respectful to each other when communicating through chat, direct message, or any other mediums on the server. Disrespectful behaviour includes but is not limited to the following examples.

  • Explicit forms of bullying
  • Inciting violence or hate speech, i.e., negative comments related to skin colour, gender or other personal qualities.
  • Any kind of spam such as repetitively sending the same message
  • Threatening to or actively doxing, DDOS, harassing or blackmailing others
  • Sharing personal information without another player’s consent
  • Sending malicious links including links to Ip grabbers, viruses, or inappropriate content.
  • Use of inappropriate usernames, skins, item names, signs, nicknames or any other in game content.
  • Comments encouraging self-harm or other deeply negative experiences
  • Explicit talk about inappropriate topics such as racism or sex
  • Impersonating another player, especially a staff member
  • Intentionally avoiding the chat filter.
  • Overuse of bad language

Disrespectful communication is evaluated on a case by case basis. Staff always have the final about what is and is not considered disrespectful behaviour.

2.2 Sensible, Creative, and Artistic Content

We encourage players to be creative in art and designs in a way that doesn’t damage the experience of other players. This includes all content such as player-made buildings and structures, drawings, item names, skins, and capes created by players. Examples of inappropriate creative and artistic content include, but are not limited to:

  • Inappropriate drawings and buildings, for example racial or sexual imagery
  • Inappropriate item names, e.g., racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate nicknames, e.g., racial slurs or sexual phrases
  • Inappropriate item usages, e.g., racial slurs or sexual phrases using signs or hats
  • Inappropriate usernames, e.g., racist, sexual, or impersonating
  • Inappropriate town or nation name/theme, e.g., sexual phrases, racial slurs
  • Inappropriate skins or capes, e.g., racial, or sexual imagery

Inappropriate creative and artistic content is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Staff always have the final say about what is and is not considered sensible, creative, and artistic content.

2.3 Mute or Ban Evasion

Players who are muted or banned from EternityCraft services must not bypass this in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, placing signs to communicate or using an alternative/friend’s account to bypass.

3. Account Safety

All EternityCraft players are responsible for their own accounts and personal information. Players also take full responsibility for any actions that may occur on their accounts. DO NOT share any of your account or personal information with anyone!

4. Real Life Trading

Players must not trade in-game items for real life money.

SiegeGame Specific Rules

Pearl glitching is allowed on the Sieges gamemode, as it's meant to be a fast-paced gamemode.

Earth Specific Rules

Earth is a competitive and combative game mode. Stealing, scamming, and killing are allowed.

1. Griefing

1.1 Town Griefing

Players must not damage the land inside of or very close to another player’s town without their consent. Examples of griefing include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative cobble monsters (mountain-like structures built with lava and water)
  • Lava/water curtains
  • Large holes
  • Mass spawning entities

This rule does not apply to siege zones. Players can make a support ticket on and request the region near a siege zone to be rolled back after the siege.

1.2 Wilderness Griefing

Players are generally allowed to build in the wilderness (place or destroy blocks). Griefing structures or buildings in the wilderness is allowed. However, players should not destroy structures that willingly connect two towns, such as railroads or ice highways, without either town’s consent.

Players should not engage in mass terraforming. Examples of mass terraforming include, but are not limited to:

  • Draining an ocean or large lake
  • Covering the ocean with a very large platform
  • Covering a continent or large landmass with lava or water

2. Towny Related

2.1 Town Claiming

Players should not claim in a way that restricts the ability of nearby towns to expand without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Completely encircling another town
  • Creating large claim arms that extend well away from the town


  • Towns inside of the same nation may claim next to each other with both towns mayors consent. Note. Once you have given consent to this you cannot later take it back.
  • Towns with claims next to each other must still follow Rule 3.3 even with consent of both mayors.
  • A siege town made by the attackers, i.e. a town with the main purpose of aiding in a siege such as teleporting players, may not bypass claiming restrictions.

Staff will determine what is and is not obnoxious claiming. Only mayors of the impacted town may report this.

2.2 Permissions Abuse

Players should not abuse permissions of comayor/coking to dismantle and destroy another person’s nation. The following actions are not allowed:


  • Setting yourself as mayor
  • Extensive unclaiming
  • Deleting town


  • Setting yourself as king
  • Kicking an extensive number of towns
  • Deleting/merging nation
  • Setting high taxes

Staff will determine what is and is not permissions abuse.

3. SiegeWar

3.1 Point Feeding

A player cannot intentionally feed points to the enemy side. This will only be investigated if a player makes a ticket reporting the abuse. The staff team will decide case by case what is and is not point feeding. Players who actively encourage others to point feed, i.e., pressuring, paying, etc., may be punished based on the points gained via point feeding. This will also be assessed by staff.

3.2 Immunity Sieges

Players cannot siege another town for the purpose of giving it immunity. This will only be investigated if a player makes a ticket reporting the abuse. The staff team will decide on a case by case basis what is and is not immunity abuse.

3.3 Town Siegeability

It must be reasonably easy for others to start a siege on your town. Staff will assess whether a town is set up to be unreasonably hard to start a siege or not. It is recommended that:

  • Players should be able to start a siege at 30% or more of your town’s border.
  • Players should not have to pass through claims to access these siegeable chunks.
  • A town is not surrounded by another town just to make it less siegeable. Such a town and its claims could be removed.

3.4 Overlapping Sieges

Do not siege adjacent towns which belong to different nations and with different attacking nations.

  • Overlapping siege zones (banners placed with more than 150 blocks between the chunks each is placed in) must belong to sieges where the besieged towns are in the same nation.
  • In the case where two siege zones overlap and the besieged towns are in the same nation, the attacking nation must be the same for both sieges.
  • If two sieges break this rule, the most recent siege will be nullified.

4 Cheating

4.1 Alternative Accounts

Alternative Accounts are allowed on Eternity. However, you can only have one alternative account, and it should not be used to do the following

  • Vote
  • Participate in sieges in any way. This includes capturing the banner or fighting.

4.2 AFK Timer.

Players should not bypass the AFK timer in any way. This includes but is not limited to

  • using a script, macro, or cheat client
  • Using an AFK pool.

4.3 Glitching

Abusing glitches is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to

  • Pearl glitching.
  • Duplicating items.

5. Spawn Killing.

Players should not spawn kill other players.

  • Spawn-killing is when a player kills another player near a homeblock (such as a town or nation spawn) they spawned on in an unreasonable amount of time.
  • Spawn-killing includes toggling PvP on someone who spawned into a town.
  • Staff will assess what is and is not spawn-killing and will always have the final say.

Spawn-killing is allowed if and only if

  • The player is inside of or very close to a siege-zone against military ranked players participating in a siege.
  • A player is close to a siege zone if they are around 3 chunks from the edge of the siege.

It is recommended that:

  • You give a warning to the player telling them to leave;
  • You give them a lot of time to leave, around 2 minutes;
  • A trap nearby a spawn is far away, around 7+ blocks.


Players found breaking these rules can expect a suspension of chat privileges or access to the EternityCraft Minecraft Server and/or Discord Server. Our rules are here to maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all players.

Further expectations after breaking our rules:

  • A player’s behavior and their previous mutes or bans will impact the length of future punishments.
  • All punishments are handed out on a case by case basis. Staff always have the final say on the duration of a punishment.
  • Players are able to appeal punishments by making a ticket on